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James and the Shark is a marine conservation book drawing awareness to the shark finning industry.


In this book, our budding marine conservationist James is exploring the world below the surface of the ocean. While swimming through kelp forests and discovering other undersea wonders, James comes across a shark with a hook in its jaw. After James carefully removes the hook, the shark tells him that many sharks are being caught for their fins.


About James and the Shark


Shark finning is a rapidly growing, mostly unregulated industry that affects shark populations around the world. The number of sharks killed each year for their fins is between 73 and 100 million. No type of shark is spared, including critically endangered shark species. Sharks are targeted in oceans all over the world, from Europe to the United States.


James and his love for the ocean and all creatures living within the sea, highlights the catastrophic affect that shark finning has on marine ecosystems. Without sharks, many other marine species die off, and coral reefs are also greatly affected.  As James shows, you are never too young to fight for the protection of sharks in our oceans.


Through their fearless work to fight for sharks and other marine life, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society work tirelessly to draw awareness to shark finning. Their conservation vessel RV Ocean warrior has been used to witness and film illegal finning, drawing international attention.


James and his new friend, the shark, teach us the importance of protecting the ocean in a child-friendly way. Simple black and white illustrations are used to highlight the fact that there are no grey areas when it comes to the protection of sharks in our oceans.


20% of all proceeds from the sale of the James and the Shark marine conservation book will be donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, to help them continue their fight against shark finning.

James and the Shark book flip through video, click here.

For more illustrations, click here.

James and the Shark

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