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Simon and the Lion is a wildlife conservation book drawing attention to the plight of the king of the beasts, the lion.


Overlooking the plains of Africa one day, the lion sits despairing for the future, hoping all is not lost, when he meets Simon. An aspiring game ranger out exploring the Savannah, Simon shares his love of animals and passion for conservation with the lion, giving him hope that the animals can still be saved if only the bold and brave would lead the way.


About Simon and the Lion


In the past 25 years, we’ve lost half of the world’s wild lions that used to roam far and wide across the African continent. As man encroaches on their habitat, lions are in a quiet, yet violent crisis that many are not aware of. 


Falling prey to complex threats such as human conflict, poaching, habitat loss and more, their numbers are on the decline. In fact, today there are three times more canned lions than wild lions in South Africa alone.


As poachers deplete national parks of their natural prey, not only are lions struggling to find enough food to survive but they often fall victim to snares and traps themselves. But that’s not the only place where man’s impact is felt. From ceremonial killings and retaliatory poisonings that wipe out entire prides and other species too, from elephants to vultures to wild dogs, leopards and cheetah, the fallout of human-lion conflict is far-reaching. 


Simon’s desire to make a difference and transform the world into a place where animals and humans alike can live in harmony together inspires a sense of purpose and shows us that you’re never too young to fight for what is right and just.


Simon and his new friend, the lion, teach us about the urgent need for conservation in a child-friendly way. Simple black and white illustrations highlight the fact that there are no grey areas when it comes to the protection of Africa’s endangered wildlife.


20% of all proceeds from the sale of the Simon and the Lion conservation book will be donated to the Lion Recovery Fund, to help them restore Africa's landscapes and double the number of lions by 2050.

Simon and the Lion book flip through video, click here.

For more illustrations, click here.

Simon and the Lion

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