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Tahlia and the Tree is a conservation book that highlights the devastating effect of deforestation.


Join Tahlia as she sits in a forest, surrounded by ancient trees that tell stories of the dawn of man, the rise of consumption and greed and the threats to sacred forests. The trees whisper their tales of lost habitats for forest creatures. Through their stories, Tahlia learns that there is a chance to restore the natural heritage that surrounds us, through reforestation efforts that have the chance to save our planet.

About Tahlia and the Tree

The loss of natural habitats and indigenous trees continues to have an impact on the earth's ability to survive. Deforestation is one of the leading causes of climate change. As large areas of natural forests are cleared to make way for developments and monoculture plantations, the existing trees are replaced by alien vegetation. Forests are slowly being eroded, which has a direct effect on biodiversity.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, forests sustain a large number of plant, animal, bird and insect species. All of these species play a vital role in the ecosystem. Without trees, there is an increased risk of soil erosion, difficulty growing crops, flooding, and increased greenhouse gases. Trees keep the air clean. They also keep the environment in a perfect balance.

Reforestation provides a solution to the loss of indigenous trees in our environment. Tahlia and the Tree brings the importance of reforestation to life through the simple black and white photographs highlighting the fact that there are no grey areas in the protection of our precious ecosystems. The book is written for adults and children.

Tahlia and the Tree supports Greenpop, and the work they do to restore degraded forest areas, increase biodiversity, and expand ecosystem services across Sub-Saharan Africa. For every 4 Tahlia and the Tree books sold, 1 tree will be sponsored to Greenpop.

Tahlia and the Tree book flip through video, click here.

For more illustrations, click here.

Tahlia and the Tree

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