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Russell and the Whale is a marine conservation book, helping to educate and drive awareness to the whaling industry.


On a peaceful day on the ocean, out on his boat, Russell hears the cries of a baby whale. The whale desperately asks Russell to help find its mother. Working together, they enlist the help of others to find and reunite the baby and its mother, embarking on a long journey in the process.


About Russell and the Whale


Although the practice of whaling is illegal in most parts of the world, it continues in certain regions. Illegal whaling continues to put these big, gentle giants of the deep at great risk. Whale meat and blubber have been used for oil and other products for centuries. Today, there is no need for whale products, and many countries have banned the use of whale meat.


The fight against whaling has seen organisations such as Sea Shepherd Conservation Society head out into whaling areas, stopping illegal vessels by any means possible.


Whales are extremely gentle creatures that survive on plankton. Graceful, beautiful and massive, their calming noises and breaching are a truly magical experience to witness. Russell’s work to help reunite a whale calf and its mother aims to inspire both children and adults to keep speaking out against whaling, to ensure the survival of all whale species for many generations to come.


Russell and his new friend, the whale, teach us about the impact of the whaling industry in a way that children can understand. Simple black and white illustrations are used to draw attention to the fact that there are no grey areas in the protection of whale species.


20% of all proceeds from the sale of the Russell and the Whale marine conservation book will be donated to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, to help them continue to fight against whaling.

Russell and the Whale book flip through video, click here.

For more illustrations, click here.

Russell and the Whale

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